Our team has the unique opportunity to write about all kinds of topics within the PA46 world for Twin & Turbine, the King Air Magazine, and the MMOPA Magazine. We’ll update this page monthly with the latest publishings.

Twin & Turbine Magazine

Piston Power Series: Cessna 421C and King Air 90

Joe Casey, August 2020

Piston Power Series: Cirrus SR22 and Diamond DA62

Joe Casey, July 2020

Across the Atlantic: Ferry Flight Review

Joe Casey, July 2020

Piston Power Series: Piper Malibu and Piper Mirage

Joe Casey, June 2020

Piston Power Series: Cessna 310 and Beechcraft Baron

Joe Casey, May 2020

Top Turboprop Series: King Air 90 and Turbine Duke

Joe Casey, February 2020

Top Turboprop Series: Mitsubishi MU2 and King Air B100

Joe Casey, January 2020

Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned Meridian and JetPROP

Joe Casey, December 2019

Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned Pilatus PC-12 and King Air 350

Joe Casey, November 2019

Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned King Air C90 and King Air 200

Joe Casey, October 2019

Top Turboprop Series: Preowned Meridian and TBM 700C2

Joe Casey, September 2019

Adding King Air Capacity: Halo STC Series by CenTex Aerospace

Joe Casey, July 2019

Flying Blackhawk’s XP67A Engine Upgrade

Joe Casey, June 2019

Radar and Drift

Joe Casey, April 2019

When the Rubber Doesn’t Meet the Road

Joe Casey, February 2019

Flight Review: TBM 930

Joe Casey, December 2018

Photography by Clint Goff

The Little Things About Big Engines

Joe Casey, November 2018

The Big Things About Little Engines

Joe Casey, October 2018

The Checklist

Joe Casey, September 2018

Quest Introduces Kodiak Series II

Joe Casey, August 2018

Garmin GFC 600

Joe Casey, May 2018

Retrofit Revolution

Joe Casey, April 2018
King Air Magazine

Checklists and CRM

Deanna Wallace, September 2020


Deanna Wallace, June 2020

My First Solo Multi-Continent Crossing

Deanna Wallace, May 2020
MMOPA Magazine Publications

Oculogravic Illusion

Joe Casey, September/October 2020

Expanding Your Flying Envelope

Joe Casey, July/August 2020

Atlantic Crossing in the Age of COVID-19

Deanna Wallace, July/August 2020

Hire, Fire, but Never Conspire

Joe Casey, May/June 2020

Marbles in the Fuel

Joe Casey, March/April 2020

Size Matters

Joe Casey, January/February 2020

MMOPA Safety Committee Update

Joe Casey, November/December 2019

Knowing When to Say “Unable”

Deanna Wallace, November/December 2019

MMOPA Broken Wings Award

Joe Casey, September/October 2019

MMOPA Congratulates First Class of Master Aviators

Joe Casey, July/August 2019

Facts About Flaps

Joe Casey, May/June 2019

Pull That Power Back

Joe Casey, March/April 2019

Mirage N307JM: What We Know Now (page 30)

Joe Casey, January/February 2019

Introducing the MMOPA Master Aviator Program (page 16)

Joe Casey, November/December 2018

Operating Practices

Joe Casey, September/October 2018

Demystifying the Mysterious MOR

Joe Casey, March/April 2018

Zero to PA46 Pilot

Joe Casey, January/February 2018

Top Ten Nuances of the STEC 1500 Magic Autopilot

Joe Casey, Fall 2017

Top Ten Nuances of the Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot

Joe Casey, Summer 2017

Top Ten Nuances of the S-Tec Autopilot

Joe Casey, Spring 2017