Thank you for considering Casey Aviation, Inc for your aircraft sales needs!  We look forward to putting our decades of experience in the aircraft market to work for you. As we together to sell your airplane, our team at Casey Aviation will provide many services.

Seller Agent

Casey Aviation, Inc. will work for you and you alone.  We receive no benefits from any other party in this transaction.  We will be your advocate in the marketplace and your advocate alone.


Selling an airplane at the right price is rarely an individual action. We encourage you to be as involved as you’d like in the process. We will work with you as we navigate the ins and outs of selling your plane. All information will be shared. You will never be in the dark.

Leverage Experience

Casey Aviation is an approved insurance-approved trainer in all variants of the PA-46 (Malibu/Mirage/Matrix/Meridian/Jetprop) and the Socata TBM. We regularly fly the Cirrus series aircraft, Beechcraft King Air series of aircraft, and Cessna Citation Jets. We are intimately familiar and regularly fly each airplane type. Knowledge equals power, and we will put that knowledge to your benefit.

Leverage Relationships

We know lots of people in the aviation community and will use our extensive network to sell your airplane. Often times our relationships can find buyers before the airplane is publicly advertised.

Personally Prepare

Our team personally prepares your airplane for sale. We will clean, shine, and do everything possible to ensure the first buyer to see your airplane finds it in outstanding condition.

Logbook Recon

We will digitize all of the logbooks so a buyer can scour them easily.

Buyer Inquiry Response

We will answer phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication quickly and professionally.  Buyers will find us readily available.

Negotiate Best Sale Price

We have ample experience negotiating near-retail pricing for aircraft of all types.

Coordinate & Manage

A buyer will typically request a pre-purchase inspection, and we will ensure to watch for your best interests in the pre-purchase inspection.

Test Flights

We will fly the airplane with buyer (if requested) and make sure the airplane is demonstrated in the best light.

Photography & Videography

We will create truly professional pictures and video that show your airplane with excellence in the marketplace.  Great pictures and video are critical to show the buyer the quality of your aircraft.

Advertising & Marketing

We will advertise your airplane on Controller and the MMOPA website.  There are other sites to advertise, but anyone serious about buying a quality airplane will gravitate to these two sites before making a purchase.  We will ensure your airplane is advertised professionally, clearly, and in a manner which will gain a real buyer.

Escrow & Title Services

We have a super relationship with many Aircraft/Title Service providers.  The whole process will be monitored and managed to ensure seamless continuity.

Manage/Hangar your Aircraft at KJSO/KLFK

We feel it is important for us to sell your airplane while it is at KJSO/KLFK.  This way we can prepare the airplane for sale, become completely familiar with the airplane, and keep your logistics in the sales process low.

Included in your fee are aircraft advertisement, detailing, and hangar fees. All additional expenses, including travel fees related to oversee pre-purchase inspections and pilot/ferry fees (this list is not all inclusive for fees that may apply), related to the aircraft sale are additional and will be billed separately.

We provide broker services for $30,000. To get started, we request a non-refundable deposit of $5,000 to cover costs associated with preparing the airplane for sale. The remaining balance will be paid at aircraft closing.

With many steps involved in the sale process, a lot of time and money will be spent in the early stages.  If the purchase process is stopped by you for any reason, the $5,000 deposit becomes non-refundable and Casey Aviation, Inc will cease working to sell your airplane. You have the exclusive right to terminate the sales relationship at anytime in the sales process and owe Casey Aviation nothing further.  We intend to earn your business and respect.

Casey Aviation, Inc. would like to start the process of selling your airplane.  We look forward to working with you!

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