Initial/Recurrent Training

Casey Aviation, Inc is an insurance-approved flight instructor in the PA-46 turbine and piston models, the Socata TBM series airplanes, and all King Air models. We are based at the central-USA located Cherokee County Airport, Jacksonville, TX (KJSO).

Initial Training

Usually initial training takes about four days to complete.  Some take a little more and some a little less. All training is done to FAA standards and it is expected that you are a current, instrument-proficient, and serious aviator.  The TBM/PA-46/King Air airframes are no airplanes for amateurs, and a serious approach to flying is required for any legitimate level of safety.  Don’t let this scare you if you’re not Chuck Yeager…just make sure you come to flight training with your game-face on, ready to learn.  We go through the systems in detail, fly IFR and VFR, and train through emergency procedures.  At the end of the training, you’ll feel comfortable going anywhere with your new magic carpet.


$6,000 for up to a 4-day training event. If additional days of training are required, those days will be charged at $1,500/day. Travel days apply.


Mentor Training: Mentor training is additional hours of training required either to increase proficiency or because of an insurance company mandate. During initial training (4-day event) a client normally receives 15 (or so) hours of flight time. Mentor training is beyond initial training. If a client receives initial training from Casey Aviation, the additional days of training are charged $1,500/day. If initial training is completed by a different training provider, the mentor hours are charged at the rate of $2,000/day.

Video-Assisted PA46 Recurrent Training

We hear often that clients love our training but really don’t like having to be away from home/work for so long. That prompted us to launch a new video-assisted recurrent training program. Our goal is to allow customers to receive training that’s as good as the ground school you get at KJSO, but only require one day on the field and away from your home base. We hope this allows us to train more people in the PA46 and help create a safer community of pilots.


1 Day: $2,000 + expenses

Additional Cost & Information

If we train at our home airport, then no additional costs are involved beyond the daily training costs. If the training is at an away-airport (meaning, we can’t sleep in our own bed!), then the training costs detailed above are multiplied by a factor of 1.5 for those days away from JSO.

All travel and expenses paid by customer.

Add-On Packages