Casey Aviation is involved in nearly every realm that has to do with the PA46 airframe and the surrounding markets. Whether it’s buying, selling, training, or anything in between, we want to help you succeed in whatever you’re doing in world of aviation.

2018 Piper M350 Exterior

Airplane Brokering

Our aircraft brokering services will make selling your airplane as seamless as possible–from photography and marketing to industry connections, we will partner with you to find the right buyer for your aircraft.

Aircraft Brokering

Buyer Agent Services

Let our team of experts partner with you to find the perfect aircraft for your needs. We will work with you closely throughout the process of buying an airplane as well as leverage our knowledge and connections to find the right aircraft at the right price.

1999 Piper -35 JetPROP Interior

PA46/TBM/King Air (and other airframes) Training

Casey Aviation, Inc. is an insurance-approved flight instructor in the PA-46 turbine and piston models, the Socata TBM series airplanes, and all King Air models. Let us pair you with one of our instructors located near you.

Joe Casey

Designated Pilot Examiner Services

As a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), Joe Casey is available to administer the numerous FAA Practical Exams. Contact our team to get started.

1988 King Air 300 Interior

Aircraft Detailing

Having a plane that shows well is important to every PA46 pilot. Our local detailer is based at KJSO and does a fantastic job making your aircraft look amazing, inside and out.

Air to Air Photography

Air-to-air Photography

Allow our team to photograph beautiful images of your airplane in the air. Our on-site photographer, Clint Goff, will provide you with a full air-to-air photoshoot of your airplane, with you receiving 20-30 professional quality photos within the week.