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Please watch all the videos below before your scheduled training day at KJSO. You will need to be at a spot with good wifi–some of these videos are on the long side and you may have trouble if your connection is spotty.

Don’t do yourself a disservice by skipping through the videos to get it done quicker–even if you’ve heard some information before, it’s important to refresh yourself on how your plane operates so you know how to handle a situation when it doesn’t operate like it should.

Each video has a corresponding quiz. You’ll need to have a submitted score of 100% on every quiz to meet insurance requirements for this online training, but it shouldn’t be tough if you just got through watching the right video.

If you have any feedback on video content, quality, or anything else about this process, let our team know at We also ask that you not share the password or any of the video content with anyone. Thank you!