Thanks for being a great instructor , Your ability to pass along real world knowledge of flying is so helpful in the training environment.  Joe will teach you the aspects of flying that will make you a safer more knowledgeable pilot. His enthusiasm for all things aircraft is infectious and really helps you stay connected with your flying.  He can quickly discern what are your strengths and weaknesses and then teach to you.  Not just a canned syllabus or what he is interested in that day.No Question when you are flying with Joe you are going to laugh, but you will also be taught how to be amazingly focused on the right things at the right time, to make your flying a great experience.

Tom ThomasonMD Sante Fe, New Mexico

I have flown with Casey Aviation for years. They have always been extremely competent , safe and courteous. They fly my wife and family. I cannot think of any higher recommendation. If you don’t hire them for your flying needs, then you are settling for second best.

Ricky RichardsClient Jacksonville, Texas

I had the opportunity to train with Joe Casey at a recent Malibu Mirage safety training seminar. It was probably the best concentrated training I’ve had in the PA46. His knowledge and real life experience in the aircraft is impressive. He was able to convey that knowledge to me in a easy to absorb and retain manner.  He was able to expose areas of my flying that needed attention and made me a safer and more confident pilot. I especially liked his emphasis on proper radio communication. I really enjoyed my time with him and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for professional PA46 training.

Robert P GoodMirage owner Pennsylvania

Working with Joe Casey on my recurrent training was a real eye-opener.  He brings a wealth of real-life practical experience to the table, and communicates that knowledge and information efficiently, and in plain english.  No wasted time.  Very helpful on basic stick & rudder skills, as well as complex aircraft systems and potential “gotchas” that we should all be aware of.  Joe is a friendly, honest guy, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for instruction in a Malibu or other aircraft.

Andy TaylorMirage Owner Houston, Texas