PA-46/TBM Initial/Recurrent

Casey Aviation, Inc is an insurance-approved flight instructor in the Socata TBM series airplanes, the PA-46 turbine and piston model airplanes (Meridian/Jetprop/Malibu/Mirage/Matrix), and the King Air B100. While based at the central-USA located Cherokee County Airport, Jacksonville, TX (KJSO), I am available nationwide at any location that best serves you.

Initial Training: 3-4 days
Usually initial training takes about 3-4 days to complete.  Some take a little more and some a little less. All training is done to FAA standards and it is expected that you are a current, proficient, and serious aviator.  The TBM/PA-46 is no airplane for amateurs, and a serious approach to flying is required for any legitimate level of safety.  Don’t let this scare you if you’re not Chuck Yeager…just make sure you come to flight training ready to learn.  We go through the systems in detail, fly IFR and VFR, and train through emergency procedures.  At the end of the training, you’ll feel comfortable going anywhere with your new Magic Carpet.

Refresher Training: 2 days
Refresher training is a lot of fun.  You get to brush up on skills that may have tarnished and ensure no bad habits have formed.  It’s a low-stress time where you get away from your busy schedule and focus on flying airplanes properly.  We fly IFR, VFR, and train emergency procedures as well.  At the end of training, you’ll have a BFR, ICC, and hopefully, I will have found a few things that will make you a better, safer pilot.

Costs: I will work with you to keep the costs of training to a minimum.  Each day of training costs $1000 and each day of travel costs $500 (1/2 day travel is $250).  All travel expenses (airline, hotel, etc.) are paid by the customer.  If I drive my POV to your location, I charge $0.50 per mile to recover transportation costs.  If we train at my home airport (KJSO), then no additional costs are involved beyond the daily training costs.

Each Training Day: $1000
Each Travel Day: $500 per full day, or $250 per 1/2 day
Personally owned vehicle rate: $0.50/mile
Travel: all paid by the customer


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