Jetprop Heat Exchanger Bypass System

After recently delivering a Mirage to be converted, I toured the Jetprop factory at Rocket Engineering in Spokane, WA.  It’s a really cool place where a lot of aviation magic occurs, so take the tour if you are ever close to the area.

As Jetprop owners can testify, on those cold wintry days, or when flying a super-high altitude, the back of the Jetprop cabin can get a little nippy, even with the heater at full-blast.  So, Rocket Engineering came up with “SIL 14-560-02, Heat Exchanger Bypass System Installation”.  It allows the bleed air from the engine to bypass the heat exchanger and be routed directly into the cabin, allowing for greater heat.

I thought this was a really nice installation, and it’s standard equipment on all Jetprop conversions in 2015 and beyond.  Owners of earlier Jetprops can purchase the system by contacting Rocket Engineering (Doug 509/535-6445).  Here’s a video that may help.



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