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ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G Commercial Pilot - SE, ME, Rotorcraft, Glider US Army AH-64 Pilot and UH-60 Instructor Pilot and Instrument Flight Examiner

Intercoolers on a piston PA46

One of the really cool aspects of my work is the ability to work alongside the super-neat people that own/operate a PA46.  Those that own PA46’s tend to be interesting and successful people with a special business niche in the … Continue reading

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Fuel exhaustion engine failure in a Continental PA46

As most know, I love the Continental-Powered Malibu, but today I had my first true engine failure in a Malibu (the other was in a Lycoming-powered Mirage about a decade ago).  Bottom line (to ease the drama of the unknown)…all … Continue reading

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Go-Around in a PA46…

Of all the aviation maneuvers I see during Refresher Training, the one that is butchered the most is the Go-Around (or Missed Approach).  This is disappointing because the Go-Around is so critical.  Everything changes at the Go-Around…the airplane goes from … Continue reading

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PA46 Buyer Questionnaire

This Questionnaire (either Buyer Questionaire-Turbine PA46 or Buyer Questionaire-Piston PA46) is what I use when a client collaborates with Casey Aviation for “Buyer Agent Services”. It helps me narrow down the specific needs of the client, but it also helps … Continue reading

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GarKenyon vs. Parker-Hannifin Hydraulics

I get lots of questions about the differences in the two hydraulic systems on the early Continental-powered Malibu’s, so it seems logical for me to leap into the gap and provide my thoughts in writing.  I fly both versions regularly … Continue reading

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