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ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G Commercial Pilot - SE, ME, Rotorcraft, Glider US Army AH-64 Pilot and UH-60 Instructor Pilot and Instrument Flight Examiner

Continental 520 with a 2-blade prop

Do lower numbers really mean a lesser product?  Is an iPhone 6 really better than an iPhone 5? Is a PT6-35 really better than a PT6-34? Is a 4-blade prop better than a 3-blade prop or a 2-blade prop?  And … Continue reading

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North Pacific Ferry Flight

I was excited about this one…I’ve flown the NAT (North Atlantic) to Europe and beyond many times, but I’ve never flown the NORPAC (North Pacific).  On this ferry flight I got to fly the mighty King Air 350 from Fargo, … Continue reading

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M600 Initial thoughts

In a nutshell, I REALLY like the M600!!  I think Piper hit an absolute home-run with this airplane and I am already a big fan.  Would I recommend buying one?  You can bet your (tax-depreciated) bottom-dollar I would! With the … Continue reading

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Shock Cooling in a PA46

We’ve all heard it said…”reduce the throttle by no more than 1-inch every minutes to ensure you don’t shock-cool your engine”.  Does this advice apply to a PA46 engine?  Can a PA46 engine (Lycoming 540 or Continental 520/550) really be … Continue reading

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Flying a pre-WWII biplane…

There’s something special about flying a Biplane.  It is a catalyst for all the aviation sensory perceptions…a smorgasbord for everything you smell, feel, see, and hear. When the engine coughes to life, the small amount of oil that almost always exists … Continue reading

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