Aircraft Management

Casey Aviation manages airplanes for owners who want to have the ability to fly in private aircraft, but don’t want to have the hassles that are associated with ownership.    
Owners of airplanes Casey Aviation manages simply contact us with their desired travel plans and we handle everything else.

Your airplane represents a large monetary investment and a wonderful tool for safe and efficient travel, but it also requires ongoing professional attention.  While anything suffers when neglected or abused, an airplane responds especially poorly when subjected to disuse and/or poor management.

Aircraft components are expensive because there are (relatively) few aircraft (as compared to automobiles, for instance), and this translates into higher parts costs.  Therefore, small errors which damage an airplane such as a tug accident, improper in-flight engine temperature management, improper re-fueling, or any poor pilot technique can destroy any potential cost savings by using inexperienced pilots or aircraft managers unfamiliar with the airplane type.

At Casey Aviation, we are passionate about meticulous maintenance, professional piloting, and exceptional customer service.  All you have to do is contact us to schedule your flight…we take care of everything else including the following services:

Maintenance Management: Maintenance management of a high-performance aircraft is critical to ensure that costs are forecasted and controlled.  High-quality, precise, and cost-effective maintenance is essential.  In addition to general maintenance oversight of your airplane, the following services will be provided:

    • Scheduling and managing major, minor, and unplanned maintenance events with appropriate professional maintenance facilities
    • Transportation of the aircraft to and from maintenance, if required
    • Controlling maintenance costs by providing liaison services to ensure:
      • Only actual required maintenance is performed
      • Only the highest quality services are provided
      • Maintenance services are performed to standard
      • Parts are replaced with the lowest cost available

Avionics Updating: The avionics in advanced aircraft require frequent updating.  All avionics updating services will be provided including: GPS updates, Down-linkable Radar management, and IFR/VFR approach plates/chart updates.  The avionics in the airplane will be updated so full capabilities of the airplane are always available.

Aircraft Status Reporting: The status of the aircraft will be reported to you on a monthly basis.  The aircraft/engine flight times will be contrasted against published TBO’s (Time Between Overhaul).  Additionally, items that do not have published TBO’s, but that do tend to require replacement at certain intervals with be reported.  Knowledge of these costs ensures surprise expenditures are limited greatly.

Aircraft/Hangar/Support Equipment cleaning: At Casey Aviation, we believe cleanliness and orderliness enhance all aspects of aviation, effectively reducing costs and increasing operational readiness.  Your airplane will be cleaned after each flight to ensure it is always ready for professional use.  The hangar and all support equipment (aircraft tug, special tools, etc.) will be kept in a clean condition.  You will always find your hangar, airplane, and all of its related equipment in excellent condition.

Aircraft Logbook Management: Your aircraft’s logbooks represent nearly half of the total airplane value.  Without them in perfect condition, your airplane will become far less attractive to a prospective buyer, and demand a lesser purchase price if the airplane is ever sold.  Casey Aviation will ensure your logbooks are kept locked and safe, but additionally we will ensure the entries into the logbook are professional and accurate.  We are passionate about logbook management.

Pilot Services: Pilot services will be provided on a 365-day per year basis.  Two pilots (at a minimum) will be able to pilot the airplane and one of the pilots should be available at any given time.  One of the pilots shall be the “primary” pilot, but another will be trained and fully able to provide pilot services in case the primary pilot is on vacation, sick, or otherwise indisposed.

Call today to discuss your aviation needs and how Casey Aviation can help.