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Dual G500/G750 Meridian

I’ve been doing a lot of work with PA46 clients lately in the purchase of P46T Turbines…I call this “Buyer-Agent” services, and I really enjoy this aspect of the business.  One of my favorite “deals” on the market is an … Continue reading

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Dual G500/750 Meridian

There’s a new wave of avionics available for the Meridian, and I’m beginning to see them appear on the market more and more frequently.  As most know, I’m a big fan of the G500/G750 combination in the PA-46 fleet, and … Continue reading

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Standby Electric Attitude Indicator…

Of all the safety devices that can be added to the PA-46, I think one of the more essential options is an electric standby attitude indicator.  Although the Malibu has dual vacuum pumps and dual indicators (pilots and copilots side), … Continue reading

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